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Bellevue is the furthest south of the towns in the Wood River Valley yet sits atop the north point of the Bellevue Triangle. The Triangle is an agricultural area that includes the city of Bellevue, Picabo and the Highway 75 and Hwy 20 Intersections. The landscape here consists of rolling sage hills and is considered high desert. Bellevue has a population of 2,430 many of whom like to swim in the nearby Big Wood River when summer temps get too hot. Being further south, the winters are shorter here compared to the Sun Valley area which means spring comes sooner and the snowfall is less severe. The world famous spring fed Silver Creek flows to the south of Bellevue which lures fishermen from around the west. Alfalfa and barley farming as well as cattle ranching are all still a part of this region. The city of Bellevue itself has both newer homes in the community of Strahorn as well as small ranches and cute historic cottages in the downtown core and is typically the most affordable place to live in the Wood River Valley.

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