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The primary goal of Proctor Mountain Kids is to introduce kids (ages 6-16) in the Wood River Valley to the outdoors that may not have access to traditional mentors in these activities.  The primary focus will be to foster a love of time in nature through the skills learned while fishing, hunting, camping, river rafting and through general survival skills (foraging, shelter building, fire starting, etc).

We are convinced that the ability to find solace in wild places is a fundamental part of a healthy and self assured life.  Aarons youth with his father and brother in the Idaho outdoors provided an essential sense of place to ground him in life when times are tough.  Being able to find solace in nature is a skill that we want to pass on to others. We are partnering with my brother Benji Hill (Season 9 Alone on the History Channel) and other experienced valley outdoorsmen/women that want to give back though quarterly events.

If you would like to nominate a kid in the valley to be a mentee or would like to be a possible mentor yourself please fill out the form below and we will keep you in touch on the next quarterly event.

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